Sunday, December 26, 2004

When will it all end?

It seems like this Christmas is taking forever to end. My mom already took down the tree, but I still feel like I've got shoppping to do or something. Some of you may remember this post that I wrote last year about hating holidays, Christmas in particular. It's still very true. I hate Christmas for all the reasons anyone else might hate it. Long lines, closed stores, crazy people talking about vanalized nativity scenes and it's really cold. Having said all of that, though, I really enjoy spending time with people and getting presents and having an actual day or two off from work. If only there was some way to get rid of the turkey for dinner (I can't stand eating turkey), Christmas at home would be great. Even though we had planned for weeks to have my nieces sleep over Christmas Day, they changed plans at the last minute. So I didn't get to take them to see Leminey Snicket. Frankenstein, my nephew, was much more mellow and enjoyable to be around. I sense a lot of myself in him, which means he is very cool. My Aunt Ceecee also came by. She's a very funny lady and very interesting. She is a regular reader on the blog and she had some constructive criticisms. "You never say anything nice," she said. I had to think for a moment before I could come up with something nice to say about Bush. "He's not too short." That was about all I could come up with. I've had 36 hours to think of something better, but nothing is coming to mind. Some of the discussion around the table centered on politics. I'm probbly the most liberal person in my family and I never shy away from a good debate with people who disagree with me. My brother-in-law is a fan of George W. Bush,so we had an interesting discussion. He was under the impression that Kerry wanted to negotiate with the terrorists and that Bush kicks a lot of ass. Those are the people voting for Bush and the Republicans. Remember that for the next election. I always think of a story my friend SpaceMoneky's mom told me about meeting then-governor Bush. She went to shake his hand and it was soft and he had a very limp-wristed handshake. All the tough talk I hear about him always makes me chuckle because the guy is such a prissy spoiled rich kid. He couldn't kick even one ass on a five-assed monkey. Without my nieces, we (SpaceMonkey, Jay and me) went to see Darkness in the theater. I'm not going to give a lengthy review or anything, but Anna Paquin looked really hot throughout the movie and the ending was one that tied up all the loose ends. We can't forget the guy sitting next to us. He said "If that's the ending, then I'm going to be really pissed... Ahhh fuck." I figured out the twist like halfway through the movie, too. It was so, Amityville Horror meets The Shining meets Stir of Echoes. It's a really strange mix and I thought it was at least entertaining. Jay thought it was worse than Jeepers Creepers, which really sucked. After a quick dinner at TGI Friday's (fish and chips with buffalo wings, baby) we got back to my house to find a new addition to my family. My parents got a dog, even though we got rid of my old dog, Mojo, because they didn't want a dog anymore. But we got a new dog that is part Dachsund and part Chihuahua. So he looks like a small weeinie dog with short fur that shakes all the time. My mom wants to name him "Lucky", but I will have none of that. He's part Chihuahua and his birthday is Dec. 25, his new name is "The Jesus". I already wrote it on his box and, when he's big enough, I'm going to get him a collar that says "The Jesus" on it. Maybe have it embroidered on his doggy bed, too. So if I refer to "Jesus" I'm talking about my dog unless otherwise specified. I've thought about some Friday dog-blogging, just to join in the festivities and because I can't stand cats. He's a cutie pie, so I think you would enjoy the pictures. That's how my Chrismahannakwanzaakuah went. How about yours? I will return to BOR starting either tonight or tomorrow, so be sure to check back there.


At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats up nate dogg,
ur an ass just for the record, who are you callin frankinstein? ne ways, betcha cant guess who this is?
interesting blogs. l8r


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