Friday, December 17, 2004

Where has the time gone?

I've been so busy trying to make sure that I post enough to keep BOR updated that I've totally neglected my own blog. This thing hasn't been update in a week. I'm going to be totally surprised if when I check the counter it has moved up at all. If anything, this personal piece of property will probably be relegated to posting my personal thoughts and things about my life. For instance, I'm totally stoked about seeing my nieces on Christmas Day. Lauren and Lindsay are too cool for words and I'm going to enjoy hanging out with them, especially little Lindsay. She's like a terrier; I just point my finger and say "Attack" and she runs kicking and screaming with a big smile on her face. The guys and I are thinking about taking them to see the Limminey Snicket thing so that they don't have hang around lizard ladies in the bingo hall with my mom. And I'm more or less devoted to writing for BOR. I've been getting a lot more feedback than I'm used to and I like it. Negative and positive, I like the emails and comments. So, if you want to read the latest news and such, check out Burnt Orange Report to see me and some other really good writers and Democratic thinkers. If you want to know about freaky dreams I have when I go to sleep listening to C-SPAN, by all means check back often. This guest posting thing will probably only last until the end of the holidays, so we're not talking long-term changes. Until then, enjoy it while you got it.


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