Monday, January 24, 2005

Cat scratch fever

Rick Perry vs. The World has a post on Comptroller Strayhorn's quest to become governor. This says it all:

The people of Texas are certainly asking her (Strayhorn) to run for Governor and she is listening. But the Comptroller never told Commissioner Combs she is not running for Comptroller again. And Commissioner Combs knows it.
Maybe Strayhorn is going to run for both. It seems to me that Grandma is going to run, she can't not run after all the anticipation she's built up in her criticisms of Gov. Goodhair. She should just announce and start campaigning. The whole "I haven't decided yet" thing gets old after a few months and she'll start to lose support if she keeps it up. On the flip side, I haven't heard much in the way of any Democrats gearing up for a gubernatorial run. I hear people talk about Tony Sanchez making another run and maybe former congressman Chris Bell, but I don't see either one coming out with that many votes at the end of the cycle. With a three-way primary run in the GOP, Democrats are poised to make huge gains if they nominate a candidate with great cross-over appeal. Sanchez doesn't even have Democratic appeal and Kinky Friedman will get more Republican votes than Chris Bell. He's still the guy who tried (and succeeded) to get ethics charges filed against DeLay while he was a lame-duck congressman. DeLay still holds some sway here in Texas and he controls a lot of the money; Bell will be dead in the water. So the search is on to find someone to carry our standard into the fight who can win with support from Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans.


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