Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Darned high school basketball

I'm probably not going to be writing tonight, just because Tuesdays are just so sucky. The phone will be ringing off the hook with scores and I won't have the time I want to cover the Rice debate in the Senate. In fact, I'm reall tired because I've been up all day watching it on C-SPAN2. I think everyone is happy Sen. Evan Bayh (he's running for president, or didn't you know) made very principled argument against confirming her. He was followed by my own state's senator Kay Baily Hutchison. She actually went on and on about Rice's accomplishments in Eastern Europe and the former Societ republics after the Cold War. I don't see that as a plus, after all, Russia and it's satellites are the poster children for democratization gone awry. Kazhikstan is not a hot bed of democracy by any stretch of the imagination. And the old-style cold war thinking is exactly what got us into this mess in Iraq. We had a new enemy to fight in al Qaida, but people like Rice decided it would be easier to go blow up Soviet tanks in the desert. KBH just made the argument that much easier in voting no. Someone who's remarks I thought were exactly what were needed were Sen. Robert Byrd's. If I have time when I get home I'll update this post with a few choice quotes from his floor speech. But the point is that he quoted Rice and pointed out all the mistakes she's made since she became NSA and why that disqualifies her from being Sec. of State. The Democrats are more or less united in their opposition to her and Alberto Gonzales (it's not Antonio Katrina!). I think it has a lot to do with Sen. harry Reid's leadership in the Senate, so kudos to him for doing a great job. I'll probably have one more post tonight over at BOR about the DNC race. Unless something else comes up that is urgent and I can find the time to write, I'll see you all in the morning.


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