Saturday, January 15, 2005

Dear God, this is awful

It's not often that Greg and I agree on anything. He's very much the "centrist" DLC-type and I'm a liberal Deaniac. There's an age gap too, one that creates a lot of friction. And I'm just really annoying to some people, making them want to throw me off a cliff just because I like to be argumentative for my own amusement. But Greg and I are on the same page with this piece of crap in the Houston Chronicle. In a Mainstream Media attempt to crossover into the blogging world, we get shitty writing. Trust me people, this isn't all shitty writing and snarky, uninformed opinions. There's ego and a general sense of superiority and self-importance, too. Seriously, this is why so few journalists become bloggers (that and the total lack of pay). The style is just so radically different that a seasoned editor for a established newspaper can't possibly change without it sounding forced. Here's a section:

•People protesting the court-ordered removal of a Bible from a monument outside the Harris County Courthouse didn't seem to realize that they could go home, get their Bible, carry it into any hall of county government, open it up and read it without interference. One caller to the Chronicle said that wasn't enough. The end times are coming, she said, and county government needs to get right with the Lord. If she's right and the world is coming to an end, the disposition of a single Bible doesn't seem to amount to much.
I bet you're going to sue me to get those precious seconds of your life back. Trying to be objective and not objective at the same time while being totally dispassionate about the material you're writing on does not get you the phenomenol readership that some blogs enjoy. For a real popularity, a newspaper would have to go beyond what the Dallas Morning News and Statesman have done; they will have to hire a blogger to come and work for them. The only mildly entertaining bit in this whole column is the christening of the new term slog. It stands for Webless log. I don't think it's doing to catch on though.


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