Sunday, January 30, 2005

Funniest thing

I haven't been reading any blogs the past couple of days, but I was just reading Bloggerman and how much trouble Keith has had to put up with Dr, James Dobson's cult, Focus on the Family. I sympathize with him, I've gotten some weird emails in the past from people wondering why I want to kill babies and why I worship Satan. I don't want to kill babies and I don't worship Satan, but that is really beside the point. These are just some really crazy nutbags that really don't have anything better to do than hate gay people and elect Republicans. But even Republicans are weary of Dr. Strangelove Dobson now. They are starting to see how wacko these people really are and I don't think they're going to be looking for their support for very much longer if they want to stay in power. So this is my statement of support for Keith. Good job Keith on doing excellent and hilarious journalism. If only more journalists were willing to do stories like this and then endure the flack it causes. Great job on not backing down and sticking by work. You've also done a great job by covering this on your blog, just showing how great a tool it is in communicating with the masses.


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