Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year... I think

Aunt Ceecee, blogging isn't the only thing I shouldn't do when I've been drinking. I spent New Year's Eve as a designated driver, which is never fun. So I drank myself very stupid the next night. I would drink my Jack and Coke (I had like 6 or 7... or 9) as fast as possible just so that the really cute bartender chick, M, would come over and I could flirt with her. I almost asked her to marry me. Empty stomachs and strong liquor do not mix. As a side note, I also have developed a major crush on one of the waitresses at my favorite bar. She's friends with Big Boobs McGee, my friend who is also a server there. So, I might get the hookup with K and spend less time blogging and more time snogging (I'm a man of culture and the world). I also am now addicted to Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, the cartoon show based on Japan's two hottest pop stars, Ami and Yumi. Japanese pop music is so awesome and the cartoon kicks ass. I highly reccomend it for geeks like me.


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