Monday, January 31, 2005

I can't help but join the pile up

MyDD had a post this weekend about the DLC being on the fence on whether or not there is a crisis in SS. I'm frankly getting tired of jumping on them myself, but I'll link to the post because I think he makes some good points about where the DLC goes wrong. There is also a little bit about a Republican conference this weekend where they are talking about going forward with the privatization scheme. They are going to invent a new deadline for the "crisis", 2008. Kinda funny, because that is also the next presidential election year and there is no sitting prez or vp seeking the office. Rumor is the turning point of this meeting was Tom DeLay's speech that the GOP has a "moral obligation" to gut Social Security. Well, I have a moral obligation to keep Social Security solvent to protect millions of Americans from slime like Tom Delay.


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