Sunday, January 16, 2005

I'm not surprised

MSNBC has picked up a story in this week's New Yorker about secret reconnaissance missions being conducted in Iran by US forces. The story is from Sy Hersh, famed for exposing the torture at Abu Ghraib. Somehow this wouldn't surprise me. It's made all the more believable since the guy sent to dismiss it is our friend Dan Bartlett. If he's there on this story, then I don't see how anyone can just dismiss it out of hand. The thing that worries me is that the gist is that as soon as we've finished in Iraq, we're going straight across the border to Iran. That means that the neocons haven't learned a damned thing from their little debacle in Iraq. They haven't learned the human cost of war or the mass unappeal that it now enjoys. The only thing that will wake these people up is if a few are just randomly fired. But since they have job security, they can propose and move ahead on any hair-brained scheme they want. That's gonna get us into a world of shit because these people don't live in what I like to call "reality". They live in fantasyland where they are always right and the naysayers are always wrong. Such a world does not really exist.


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