Friday, January 21, 2005

Inauguration wrap up

Blogger sucks so I haven't been able to blog here for a few days. There were a lot of things I wanted to cover, too, so I might have to just pile everything into here. First off, I want to say my good friend Audrey Garza left the Trib this week. Her father has terminal cancer and she's moved back to her hometown to help her parents through a difficult time. Good luck, Audrey. You will be missed. Step two, criticize shitty Inaugural speech. Michael Gerson really sucks as a speechwriter. I've said it before, i could do a better job and I don't even llike his boss. Going to Wheaton doesn't automatically qualify you to write speeches for the White House. Gerson continually overreaches, so much so yesterday that Peggy Noonan made fun of it. You know you're bad when Peggy starts giving you pointers. Byron also has a post about the speech. I think he's right tht there's something in the way Bush emphasizes different words that is just really annoying. Plus his long, awkward pauses that make it seem like he's never read the speech before in his life. He's just a horrible speaker. I didn't really pay attention to any of the other festivities. I've had a pretty bad headache since about 3 yesterday afternoon, so I've been mostly sleeping. Sleeping and feeling like crap. Sleeping and feeling like crap and hungry. I'm going to have to actually go out and get some food tonight, otherwise I'm never going to feel better and I won't be able to scream and yell for the next few days. And that is the plan. Surprising thing from last night, Joementum on the Daily Show... and he was funny. I can see why guys like Greg like him now. i'm still not going to vote for him, but I won't call him a Republican-lite anymore. And he managed to make it clear he supports keeping Socail Security the way it is. On the way this weekend: party to send off J to the military. We gotsta do it right. Also, a long post on where the Social Security debate is.


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