Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Magic Marketing Message Machine

This piece in today's Post has a really funny quote from Rep. Bob Simmons a Republican about Social Security. "When does the program go belly up? 2042. I will be dead by then." Like I said, funny, but it still serves Bush's purpose to convince people that Social Security is in trouble, even if the thesis of the article is that some Republicans are scared it will cost them seats. The only way Social Security is in crisis is if it was supposed to not go according to plan. The trust fund will run out when it is supposed to (give or take) and there will be enough money in it to cover the baby boomers from 2018 until then. The system is fine, the assholes in the Republican party are not. It has already started, they've begun lying on television, and lying to cover the fundamental truth about Social Security. It was built to last and it is doing just fine, despite their best efforts to get rid of it for the past 70 years. I'm going to be spending my time debunking a lot of the myths that they peddle and I'll do my best to break through their talking points, here and at BOR. But you're going to have to do your part, too. Whether that means volunteering to phone bank on behalf of Social Security or just starting up conversations with people explaining how Social Security is going to be solvent for a very long time to come. I'll give you the numbers, but you've got to use them. IIf we do this right, we'll have protecting the most important government program to ever exist. That's something to be proud of.


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