Monday, January 24, 2005

Opposition research

Minority leader in the Senate, Sen. Harry Reid, laid out the priority bills that Democrats are going to push for in the 109th Congress; doing what an opposition party should do, lay out an ambitious agenda. This marks the change from defense to offense. With public opinion down from his unpopular Social Security scheme and his backtracking over the language used in his Inaugural Address, this could be what swings the balance back to favor the Democrats. We've got to play smart politics now, though. I'm hoping no one decides to fillibuster the Rice debate. We should have a debate and that was smart, but we should air out all of the things we know she's been responsible for. Someone should keep repeating that "Osama bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the US" might mean that Osama bin Laden wanted to attack in the US. If we then vote against her as a party, we make it an issue of where the Republicans wanted to confirm even though she keeps screwing up. The same thing with Gonzales. Someone should read this Newsweek article out loud during his confirmation debate. I personally think we could do better. The last guy anointed himself with Crisco when he got the job and had a strange obsession with pornography. We've gone from that to someone who advocates torture and may have obstucted justice (not really) for George Bush's political expediancy. If we stand together as a party, then the story becomes the Republicans want these bad people in high office. That's what the story should be and we need to do all we can to foster that image. Sen. Reid has the right idea. Hat tip to BOR.


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