Sunday, January 09, 2005

"Pappy, maybe we need to get us some of that Reform."

To which Gov. Pappy replied, "Reform. We're the incumbents!" Or at least that's all I remember from the movie O, Brother Where Art Thou?. There might have been a sumbitch in there somewhere. The point is, Reform is good. It cleans an unhealthy system of whatever is causing it problems. And we have problems in the leadership of the Democratic party. Jerome at MyDD puts it well when he describes the consultant and pollster class inside the party that keeps leading us astray (and why that dick Bob Shrum keeps getting hired to run presidential campaigns). That's why so many of us are pulling for the Dean horse in the DNC chair race. Dean represents how dissatisfied most of us Democrats are with how our party is doing business. He rerpresents how the younger people and the older people are tired of the establishment not fighting in our name or fighting the wrong battles for the wrong reasons. It's about more than just which will be the best organizer, it really is a herald of what some of us hope is to come. So let's say we get us some of that Reform, too.


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