Friday, January 14, 2005

Sad attempt indeed

While I was reading blogs today, this revelation That Jerome from MyDD and Markos from dailyKos were hired by the Dean campaign and they're bloggers. Instapundit is trying to treat it as if this were some unknown scandal akin to the Armstrong Williams affair. Puleez! Number one, everyone already knew about this because they disclosed the information during the period in question. Armstrong Williams did no such thing, which I understand is illegal, hence the FCC investigation. In fact, Jerome quit blogging to work on the campaign and Kos had a disclaimer up on his site so that there would be no question. And two, Williams took taxpayer money to make propaganda for the government; Jerome set up a Web site and blog for the campaign using Dean campaign money and working as a consultant. Big difference. The Right always tries to pull crap like this. We point out that their Senate majority leader voted for a racist (proudly) presidential candidate in 1948, they try to call us racist for not appointing a nut-job just because the guy is Hispanic. It doesn't work like that people. I'm also going to point out how big an idiot Joe Scarborough is. His show last night had a segment about Rathergate and the recent firings. To Joe, it is totally obvious that there is a big liberal media conspiracy to harm Bush. His main piece of evidence, the fact that more newsapers endorsed Kerry rather than Bush. You can't get more liberal than that! I can't help but wonder if maybe that is because journalists are more informed than the regular populace. I mean 40% of the electorate still believe that we found WMD in Iraq, while journalists (especially after this week) don't believe as such (if anyone has a more updated poll, I would be happy to revise that comment). If not supporting a guy because it turned out his solid intelligence about an imminent threat to the United States was a bunch of bullshit makes you liberal, then I think you would want to be liberal. Joe on the other hand is content being a blowhard on television.


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