Saturday, January 15, 2005

Slowly but surely

I'm getting there people. I used to surf blogs by actually bookmarking all of the sites that I like and clicking on each and every one. That, apparently, is the old-school method. Today I joined the 21st Century and decided to use a feed aggregator called Bloglines. All this on the advice of Byron. I now have my 30 or so favorite blogs listed and ready to start... aggregating. I'm not all down with the lingo yet, but it looks like this will actually save me a buttload of time (Time that could be spent downloading Puffy AmiYumi songs). This post is more or less a test to see if the Web crawlers are picking up my blog's feed and hence all the others. I'm all excited because this is like a good first step in my professional blogger training. I need to know how to reference more blogs, faster and write more posts. I hope to expand my feed list as I get better at this and more comfortable with the process. Bloglines also has an HTML generator that will convert all of your feeds into a blogroll to use on your blog. I might experiment with that someday, but I think my blogroll is OK for now, limited as it may be.


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