Friday, January 28, 2005

Social commitments

I'm sorry I haven't posted since Wednesday. To catch you up, my friend JJ left for the Navy this week. We had a party for him last Saturday, family and finger foods. It turns out that a friend from high school (my 6th Grade math teacher's daughter) is also joining and shipping out soon and she hung out with us after the party. We went to see The Grudge. Anyway, Space Monkey and I took her out for a night on the town last night to send her off right. J (we've talked about the name thing before). Dinner at Johnny Carino's and pool at Cricket's. We ran up a pretty big tab then left because Space Monkey had class this morning. J and I went back to my house because I'm a raging alcoholic with a full bar. We had a couple more drinks and watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back which I recorded on DVR. We got tipsy and fell asleep early and we just spent all day today sleeping and talking. J is cool people, and if she wasn't shipping out Monday, she would so be JJ's replacement in our group. But the search is still on for that person (we'll be holding auditions soon) and I'm taking off work Sunday so J can come over and drink with me again. I might try to borrow Napolean Dynamite (which I bought JJ for his going away present) from JJ's mom and we'll watch that while I mix margaritas. It's very hard for me to find people I can stand to be around for long periods of time, and J is one of them. We're going to have to be pen pals or something.


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