Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Social Security choice

That retard Luskin has a site called His latest post, he hacks his way through an argument that since black people, on average, die at an earlier age (the average life expectancy for a black male in America is 54) that private accounts are the solution that will allow them to have more money at an earlier age. How does he do this? With a light bulb analogy! This is one of those things you have to scratch your head and go, huh. It's like NASA spending millions to develop a pen that can write in space, but the Russians used a pencil (that story is misleading, we used a pencil, too. But a pen that writes upside down is available and is called the Space Pen). How about we do something to take assault weapons out of the hands of civilians so that so many young black men don't get shot and live longer? How about we do something that help more families raise their kids above the poverty level so that they have a chance at a better future? How about we take AIDS prevention and treatment seriously? Those are all leading causes of death and violence for black people in this country. Let's actually fight the disease instead of one of many problems that black people face in this country.


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