Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Something substantive

Do you see how clever I am, because not only does the title accurately describe what we are going to talk about, but it's initials are the same as the very subject: Social Security. I'm a genius that is not being appreciated in his time. Anywho, anyone who has been following my adventures at BOR knows that i somehow made myself guru (in my own mind) of all things Social Security. If there was going to be a policy wonk on SS, it might as well be me. Plus Byron wrote a constructive criticism email that said my first post on the subject was good so I just ran with it. So I've been a very vocal advocate against the Bush plan to partially-privatize the sytem and thereby destroy our economy; or something like that. I know that those guys are a little tired of it, so I'm going to link to this column in Newsday describing what kind of sham the president plans to run in the coming months to get us all to drink the kool-aid with him and await our flying saucer. His plan to index benefits to prices and then introduce private accounts is just as crazy as a mass suicide in a cult. The only real problem is that the president doesn't intend to follow us into the hereafter, nor do any of the people who are about to launch a $40 million ad blitz to sell this lemon to us. They are all going to gain from this while literally millions of people may go below the poverty line to pay for it. A lot of Democrats, after the election, have started talking about expressing our values. How about we start by saying that is wrong? That hurting others to make a gain for yourself is immoral, and that we don't intend to let it happen without a fight.


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