Monday, January 31, 2005

Speaking of Lasso

Bill Bishop is a great man. While I was drinking and playing pool with J and Space Monkey this weekend, he got this tip and wrote about what I wanted to write about since last week's presidential news conference. I totally got sidetracked on his Social Security comments so I didn't get to this, or the fake news guy who asked a totally ass-backwards question (how do they get credentials? Oh, they work there). Bill's right, Bush's response really dumbfounded me while I was watching it. I seem to remember Herman saying "no" and Bush saying "thank you", but that was a week ago. But it's an odd little exchange either way. Either he solved the problem by not going down in flames and there is no crisis now, or he did go down in flames and there is a crisis. It can't be that he was successful and there is still a crisis. So, I'm really confused. Is Bush really that oblivious to everything in the outside world? How can we work with someone so divorced from reality?


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