Monday, January 24, 2005

Statistics can be fun

Zogby has a new poll out today. My favorite graf (with emphasis added):

The poll finds a higher percentage of Americans saying that they are ashamed that Mr. Bush is their president; three-in-ten (31%) Americans now hold that view, as compared to one-in-four (26%) a month ago.  However, the survey did show an up-tick in Mr. Bush’s personal approval numbers.  In November, 55% said they approved of Mr. Bush personally; now, 57% say the same.
That is a stunning up-tick in just one month. The rest of the numbers are also pretty intersting, especially if one is looking for the mandate that Bush believes he has. I just don't see it. I see a schizophrenic country that re-elected him but wants everything done differently. If his first few months of re-election are any indication, he may leave office having had the highest (somewhere around 85%) approval ratings and the lowest (I'd guess down to 41%). Of course, Zogby and I made the same predictions for the electoral college, so I would take his numbers with a grain of salt.


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