Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday morning wrap up

I just finished watching my usual array of Sunday morning talk shows from the DVR, not including Chris Matthews or Face the Nation. On This Week, Condi Rice was out spieling for the White House that things are great and democracy is on the march. I don't think she helped settle any fears that we are about to invade Iran, though. And Sen. Evan Bayh was on to talk about his vote to not confirm Rice. He also didn't convince anybody that he's not running for president in 2008 (I'm pretty sure he is). And Sen. John Kerry was on Meet the Press in his first post-election television interview. All I can say is why didn't he speak more like that on the campaign trail. He was nuanced and brief at the same time. He was also very clear and direct when the question required it. He gave very sensible answers and his position was middle of the road enough to win swing voters. Damnit! We coulda won! Everybody was all ecstatic about the Iraqi elections. Turnout is high in the Shia and Kurdish areas; in the Sunni areas, not so much. But we've got a contingency plan, change the results after the election. Leave it to the Republicans to think that changing results to an election is the solution to a problem. But I'm glad they are voting. I think it was done in a half-assed way by some really incompetent people in the White House, but I'm glad they are voting. What the results are remain to be seen, though.


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