Friday, January 28, 2005

What does it all mean?

Lots of us have been wondering ho win the hell evil super genius Karl Rove could have miscalculated so much as want to take on Social Security. Kevin Drum is one of those (so am I). It seemed pretty obvious from the get-go that there was not a lot of support for this train wreck, so why did they do it? Kevin's guess is as good as any, but it still seems like a big expense just to get some tax-free accounts passed. And the people that actually want to get rid of Social Security are the ones footing the bill. Bush will go around spending upteen million dollars telling people that SS is going bankrupt, then they aren't going to do anything to fix it, just get some 401k plans for some rich people? That seems like it is a big waste of time for something they were calculating Democrats would agree with anyway. Why not just come and ask for legislation that establishes some private accounts up front? And why risk opening yourself up to criticism on the right? This is a recipe to be a lame duck if ever there was one, but it will get tax-free private accounts. It remains to be seen if there was any other motivation behind this push, though.


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