Monday, February 21, 2005

Anti-gay or anti-anti-gay?

I swear, some of the language that anti-gay religious groups use really makes me wonder sometimes. A Toronto-based group, Traditional Values Coalition has decided to target Shrek 2 as having "subtle sexual messages" that promote homosexuality. I'm not going to go into how incredibly stupid the argument is. I think film studies professor at the University of Toronto Charles Keil does it pretty early on in this piece: "'You have an image within a comic context that could be read either way,' says Keil, who adds quickly that such humour is designed for parents anyway and goes way above the heads of the children in the audience. 'If the kids don't get it, it doesn't really matter.'" We're going to look at some of the really entertaining phrases.

Christian activists have also targeted SpongeBob SquarePants, Barney the dinosaur and Sesame Street's Bert & Ernie as children's characters who are conduits for a soft-on-gays message.
After all, what they really want is a hard-on-gays message. That explains Jeff Gannon. Really though, people like this are just too much. Why on earth would anyone not like Shrek 2, other than the crass commercialism involved in making it and the soulless corporation reaping profits from indoctrinating kids into a world where something they love can be measured by how much money they spend on it. But you don't hear me bitching. These groups need to quit being so damned paranoid looking for the secret gay code words in every movie and television show, and I don't know, help the poor like Jesus did. One more thing. Gaydar? Only Candians would think that is an actual word that you can use in a news story.


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