Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bonilla for Senate? UPDATED

Rep. Henry Bonilla, from Texas, is considering running for KBH's senate seat if she challenges Rick Perry in the GOP primary. I don't know if you remember Bonilla, but he was the guy Jon Stewart caught lying about the liberal rankings of Kerry and Edwards this summer. Remember that? Hmmm? Stewart spent five minutes getting him tangled up in talking about lawyer's groups ranking Kerry the No. 1 liberal senator and his crap about it being over their whole careers, then dropped the bomb on Bonilla that he knew that everything Bonilla had said for those past five minutes was bullshit. It was hilarious. I'll look for that video clip some time tonight after the phone calls have stopped. I hope it encourages KBH to run for governor knowing her seat will be safely in tehe hands of a GOP friend. I really want to see a three-way race in the GOP primary so that we get lower turnout among Republicans and cross-over votes for a moderate Democratic governor. I've got a few ideas as to who that could be, but it's still early yet. Then I want to see Bonilla get his ass handed to him in the general election when he does run for senator. Is that too much to ask? UPDATE: As promised, here is the video clip of Jon Stewart interviewing Rep. Henry Bonilla this summer. It's even more hilarious than I remember.


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