Monday, February 07, 2005

Budget priorities

I've been checking through the proposed FY 2006 Budget, and "hoax" does not begin to describe it. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been left out of the equation for his spending initiatives, and all of the cuts are on the domestic side. History shows that very few programs will get cut, but this is the golden oppurtunity to show just how much the GOP doesn't care about anyone but the super rich and their tax cuts. The proposed cuts total around $20 billion, which doesn't draw spit in the projected $400 billion deficit. The tax cuts he passed in 2001, 2002 and 2003 make up about 50% of the deficit for the coming fiscal year. That's economic evidence, if ever there was any, that tax cuts aren't fiscally responsible. I had a caller at work earlier today (don't ask why he called a newspaper) who wanted to know how much the Legal Services Corporation's budget was being reduced. They offer free legal advice to indigent and disabled and poor people, by the way. I couldn't find it in my cursory examination, but anyone who finds me last year's budget and this year's budget will get free ice cream from me. I'm either going to be reading the budget, the proposals on Social Security phasing out or watching the West Wing the rest of the night. So don't expect a lot of posting. But I'll try to sneek something in.


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