Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Celebrate good times!

Lots of developments in the DNC chair race. I mentioned yesterday that Wellington Webb had bowed out and endorsed Dean, today Martin Frost backed out, too. So the chief rival is out of the game, along with Leeland. The AFL-CIO isn't endorsing anybody, so with all the endorsements he's garnered and the support he may get from former Frost guys, it looks like Dean is going to be the next chairman of the DNC. His next big hurdles is going to be in getting past any late momentum by guys like Donnie Fowler. I'm not too worried though. And BOR has a rumor that Tim Roemer and Simon Rosenberg are giving up as well. I think these three will be in a race to the bottom to get out quickly so they can start currying favor with Dean for key positions inside. We'll wait to hear what goes on.


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