Friday, February 25, 2005

Elsewhere, things are getting ugly

This LA Times piece is about how the "gloves are coming off" in the Social Security debate. Shreveport newspaper readers are expected to see a full-page ad denouncing Rep. Jim McCrery on his position on Social Security. Republicans are saying that it is a liberal front group representing the "Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party." If that's the best they can do in this debate, then they are in real big trouble. The article correctly notes how incorrect the USA Next ad on the American Spectator Web site was, however. And we get into a discussion about how advocacy groups are "staying relevant" until the '06 midterms. I think it's important to note that a newspaper is more than willing to do a story about the fight between groups than about one particular group and it's inability to get facts and figure right. The mainstream media is more concerned with process and the horserace (process is important, but so is the end result) stories than about the actual facts in the debate. That's why third-party groups are so attractive to donators. They spend time, money and energy getting 'facts" out there. Some have better facts than others, in fact some are outright lying. But the established media can't be bothered to give people straight information, so it's left to bloggers and advocacy groups to inform people. Meanwhile, the LA Times will be busy writing about how we're fighting instead of why we're fighting.


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