Friday, February 18, 2005

Going nowhere fast

This Seattle Post-Intelligencer story from the Times says it all Social Security change 'going nowhere': Both parties rebuff president's latest suggestion If he seriously thinks he is going to get Democrats on board now, he really is "divorced from reality." Who strategizes these things at the White House? Unless they are trying to look like the underdog (what with both houses of Congress, the judiciary and the White House) this is beginning to get pathetic. How in the world does he offer up raising taxes to pay for the shortfall that has nothing to do with private accounts so that he can get private accounts? That is not a winning hand for him. I mean, if the Dems go along with it, which they probably won't right now, then the shortfall problem is covered. He has no "crisis" to fix with private accounts that don't fix anything. And no way the Dems cave on it later and allow more to be carved out of payroll taxes to phase-out Social Security. About all he can hope for is that Democrats get what they want, and then try to paint them as anti-reform in 2006. That's if every Democrat doesn't go back to his home district and parade himself around as one of the guys who saved Social Security from the evil Republicans who tried to destroy it. I really don't see this as a win-win for him. If he's trying to make inroads to the younger 18-30 crowd (like me), this is not really the issue. I think people my age are more concerned with the costs of living today and school loans and the lack of job security. Then we might also see this as just another example of corporate America trying to get rid of our retirement security like they did to our parents' pensions.


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