Monday, February 14, 2005

Governor's race heating up ... in 2005?

The GOP primary is getting hot and heavy. KBH has hired some big-hitters for her campaign. Kuff wonders aloud if that means that she is really going to go for it and challenge Perry, or if this is because she is anticipating a tougher re-election than conventional wisdom suggests. And Kinky Friedman announced his candidacy as an Independent last week. Some people consider his campaign a joke, but don't rule out the Kinkster, yet. And Chris Bell is exploring his options, although his exploratory committee says he's going to run. Some people think he is just hyping himself a little for a down-ballot race instead, but I think they are wrong. And I'm hearing some great things about his campaign; he might just be our guy. I think it's too early to tell if I'm going to support him, but I would like to meet him and hear more about what he thinks. This Daily DeLay interview has his views on ethics. I almost ran to my polling place. Stop by and contribute a few bucks if you can. I guess it's never too early to get started on the next campaign.


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