Thursday, February 17, 2005

I told you I was behind ... Blog the Revolution!

I'm reading the transcript from Monday's Inside Politics because they used footage from that epidsode on last night's Daily Show with John Stewart. Stewart was doing a segment on blogging and the recent upheavels in the media world because of the reporting being done on the likes of Eason-Gate and the Gannon/Guckert flap (there really is no way to talk about that without being lewd). Judy had Howard Kurtz of all people talking about blogs. She also had a "blog reporter" on to describe what it is blogs do and how they broke the story. So CNN broke a story about how a story broke; the MSM's worst fear. Now 24-hour cable networks are reduced to reporting on other people's reporting because they are too slow. I'm no longer a Hugh Hewitt-type believer in the power of a new medium supplanting the old. I really think that newspapers and traditional journalism still have a place and that blogging is a way for the old media to come into the next century (that's the 21st Century if you were wondering). But the vacuousness of Woodruff and Kurtz is just... stupifying. These people really don't get it, which probably explains why no one went to read Paul Begala's blog during the SOTU. Hell, I got more hits than him that night. Here's a choice quote:

SCHECHNER: Well, we found it. Or actually, one of the bloggers found it. We found it through the blog. which is a liberal site found it. Now we would show you that but the pictures on that site are actually kind of racey. So we didn't want to go there but (ph) has it as well. And you can read about that story. KURTZ: She has the PG version? SCHECHNER: She has the PG version and then she has a link to the sort of X-rated version. KURTZ: So just like in primetime television sex apparently sells based on these pictures. SCHECHNER: They were and actually they were pretty graphically displayed. And then we went back and they were covered over. KURTZ: Although what this has to do with Jeff Gannon's job at the White House -- whether was criticized on the substance is debatable.
A gay prostitute at the White House isn't news? That's a laugh, Howie. I think CNN is just sore because they realize there isn't much of a reason to watch their network when bloggers do it better, faster and to the reader's content. If they had been able to do, I don't know, a Google search at CNN, they might have broken the story before someone at Media Matters did some leg work and got the guys at AmericaBlog and dKos interested. But CNN is too lazy to do even the most cursory of fact checks before bumbling through another night of Larry King talking about Princess Diana's death and Aaron Brown doing a story on Maya Keyes being gay after everyone else in the world knew that. They waste about 8 hours every night doing shows that nobody watches instead of actual news and make Howie Kurtz go on a show and name-drop Instapundit for ratings. Pathetic. Read the whole transcript if you want. The blogging section is at the bottom of the second half hour so you're gonna have to do some scrolling. I'll have a clip of last night's blog segment on the Daily Show as soon as they put it up.


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