Monday, February 21, 2005

Just a matter of time

Kay Bailey Hutchison has been travelling around the state recently, "Looking ever more like a candidate for governor" according to Wayne Slater. So it seems almost imminent that she announces her intention to run against Perry in the GOP primary. I think that is super fantastic news. I've said before, the more vicious that primary, the better the Democrats' chances of retaking the Governor's Mansion. Greg thinks that a multi-candidate field in the GOP primary goes in KBH's favor, while I think support would split between her and Strayhorn, giving Perry the edge. I also think that Perry has enough of the base on his side to win a toe-to-toe fight, but just barely. I think having the establishment on your side is a prerequisite in Republican party politics, while the opposite seems true in Dem politics. KBH has also hired former Democratic Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes (yeah, that Ben Barnes) to head up "Democrats for Hutchison" a misnomer if ever I saw one.


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