Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mae Jackson will be missed

The mayor of Waco, Mae Jackson, died suddenly last week. I haven't done any posts on it because I really felt it wasn't for me to try to eulogize her. She was a great woman who was very active in the Democratic Party and who did a lot of good things for Waco. But I didn't really know her. Most of my involvement with the city was centered around former City Manager Kathy Rice. I didn't really have anything to do with the mayor's office. And Mae Jackson was only elected after Kathy was fired, so the chances of me working with her when she was mayor were slim. I did meet her once when she was a councilwoman back in 2001, and she made an impression as a very kind-hearted person. But that was it. Nonetheless, I was shocked and saddened when I first learned that she died last Friday. It hurt because I knew that she cared about other people and that she will be sorely missed. David Holmes wrote a letter to Byron about his trip to Waco yesterday and the great Democrats here in my home city. It made me want to do more to elect good people like Mae by helping my party and being more active in the party. I emailed him to tell him so and I hope I get the chance soon. A special election has been slated for May 7 to fill the mayor's post and finish the remaining year of Mae Jackson's term. I might try to help elect another Democrat to the position. Meanwhile, the city council will appoint someone mayor until that election.


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