Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Not a lot of time

I'm so busy that I didn't even get to celebrate Mardi Gras yesterday. So tonight, I'm doing one of those big, multi-link posts with little or no comment from me. Just keeping you guys up-to-date. Once it is done, I really think you guys will like the project I am working on for the Trib, but perhaps I've said too much. Jeff Gannon, or whatever the hell his real name is, resigns from Talon News. Not that big a deal since Talon isn't a real news agency, just a front for GOPAC. Still wondering if he's the gay porn site guy, I'll have to read more. Brit Hume is a hack and he's deliberately misquoting people (FDR no less) to make hay that privatization is good and was originally intended to happen. When I read that transcript, I literally tasted vomit. This is beyond sickening. Oh yeah, Lasso reports that the health benefit cuts of 2003 may actually have cost taxpayers more. Only Republicans can do this sort of thing: cut spending and increase taxes ex poste facto. And amazingly enough, HRC's numbers are looking really good. She looks like the fait accompli (I'm doing a Latin thing today) nominee in 2008, though we've already got three others for sure, and possible Kerry and Biden runs. Where's my guy Feingold, though? He's the ship I want to sail on. That ought to catch you up a little. I'm back to work now.


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