Friday, February 25, 2005

Now we're getting it

A new group plans to raise $50 million to pressure Congressmen to protect Social Security fro privatization. From this morning's Washington Post.

"At Americans United to Protect Social Security, we are going to run a national campaign to defeat the president's privatization plan," said Brad Woodhouse, the group's spokesman and the former communications director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. "The president and his supporters in Congress are messing with the third rail [of politics]; we're going to make sure they get zapped."
That's kinda corny, but kinda nice. The Rev. Al Sharpton was on Hardball last night with some great one-liners to help out the effort, too. There's no transcript available at the moment, and I'd hate to misquote him, but it was something like "and they may try to entice you to opt-in to the private accounts, just like the casinos that ministers like me warn you about" after Matthews made an apt analogy between privatization and gambling in casinos in Atlantic City. I'll update when there is a transcript. But could it be that Democrats are ready to buckle down and show some message discipline and unity. The president doesn't know what hit him, a full phalanx of Democrats who won't budge an inch on Social Security. It's a great day in Democratic politics and for the country in general. Raising un-Godly amounts of money and fighting the Republicans over everything we disagree with them on and everything we stand for is the first step on the long road to victory.


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