Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Oh my God, he's making videos now, too

I thought only terrorists hiding underground made videos to spread their propaganda.

When they host town meetings over the Presidents' Day recess next week, congressional Republicans will boast of a special guest: President Bush, via DVDs, proclaiming the need "to fix Social Security, once and for all."
Oh but it gets worse.
"I'm pleased to join you to discuss a subject of tremendous importance to you and your family -- saving and strengthening Social Security for future generations," a relaxed Bush explains in the four-minute recording. "For younger workers, the government has made promises it cannot pay for, and that means Social Security is set to go broke just when you reach retirement. . . . By the year 2042, the entire system would be bankrupt."
I'm wondering if there is any law against making a recording in which you try to sell people on a product or idea using false information. There at least has to be a law against transporting garbage across state lines. After saying that, I don't be allowed in the new caucus (besides, you know, not being a member of Congress) on civility being formed because of the "fireworks" on both sides. The Post "says Precisely how they would do that is still being worked out." I'll bet it is.


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