Thursday, February 03, 2005

On the docket today

As we knew beforehand, Social Security dismantling was the key part of Bush's speech last night. I don't know how he could keep a straight face when he said "We have to save Social Security" then went on talking about those stupid private accounts. Truly, a bullshit artist was at work. I'm a little disappointed at the Post story about this. They use the phrase "personal accounts" and they don't really get forceful about the fact that the system will never be able to go bankrupt. They simply say

Bush's plan to restructure Social Security faces near-unanimous opposition from congressional Democrats, who see the program as one of their party's most enduring legislative legacies and do not believe it is facing the dire crisis depicted by the president. When Bush asserted that the program was "headed to bankruptcy" by 2042, many Democrats in the chamber responded with loud catcalls.
There is a Trustee report and a Congressional Budget Office report that say the program is just fine and will still pay out higher benefits after the Trust Fund is exhausted than you can earn from private accounts and price-indexing. Fletcher and Baker couldn't be bothered to point that out, though. After all, that's not needed information to see if the president might be lying to the American people... again! I'm very disappointed in the way this is being reported. I guess I should wait until I've seen more on this, but it's not looking too good. This is the kind of publicity he needs as he starts his Bullshit '05 Tour today.


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