Friday, February 18, 2005

Pseudonym for a dream

The Jeff Gannon/James Guckert story is the gift that keeps on giving. He's better than Bernie Kerik and his "love nest." It turns out that Guckert was asking questions of Ari Fleischer before Talon News wasn't even established, blowing apart the last shred of credibility that Scott McClellan had when explaining why Gannon/Guckert got day passes. Now Scotty is saying that he got daily passes for the GOPUSA site. Like I said, no credibility. I would very much like to see the press pass requests that Guckert used and that McClellan should have. I think Scott has got himself into a pickle here and it'll be really funny to see how he weathers this storm, if at all. Fleischer admitted in an interview with Editor & Publisher that he knew Guckert was working for GOPUSA and that he probably shouldn't have been there. He does say he didn't know Gannon wasn't his real name, though I should point out that McClellan has admitted that he knew. So, if the Press Secretary doesn't know someone is using an alias and didn't give him his credentials, how did he get there? That's the big question. It's not even that he was probably planted there for the purpose that he did serve. The question is, how did he get there? Don't you think a gay hooker using a fake name is kind of a security threat? I don't like Bush, but I definitely don't want anyone infiltrating the White House and trying to assassinate him. I believe in the beauties of a free and democratic society, and that isn't free or democratic. If Gannon/Guckert can do it, the possibility that someone who wished harm to our president is raised as well. That, of course, doesn't even get into the leaks that he got as a "reporter" (if he's a reporter, then I'm a Pulizer Prize winner). I'm all about alternative media, but most of what he wrote was garbage with no basis in reality. And Talon News did no actual news gathering; they were more or less a transcript service. No dear friends, this stinks to high heaven, and I doubt we've seen all we will of Gannon/Guckert. His sites are still active (though I don't know if he still has his escort profiles still working. I don't think I'm going to go looking, either) and he is still writing for himself.


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