Sunday, February 27, 2005

Self-referential congratulations

This is one of those times you are just going to have to take my word for it, but I'm actually well-liked in my newsroom. That's quite an accomplishment for someone as far down the totem pole as I am, being a lowly clerk on the sports desk and all. But, being well-liked, I get to talk to people and suggest things, like suggesting to my editor Carlos Sanchez that we should have something about the new book from Texas Monthly reporter Patricia Bernstein titled The First Waco Horror: The Lynching of Jesse Washington and the Rise of the NAACP. In fact, I'm the one who received the phone call at 12:30 in the morning from the irate woman who thought we should speak out against Ted Koppel bringing up such sordid business. She was nice enough, but I think she was a closet racist because she kept referring to "them" which I can only guess means black people. And I don't tolerate racism, which is why I'm telling you about it. Anyway, I connected the Nightline segment with the book after reading the Chronicle review through Kuff last week, and I thought maybe the Waco paper should probably mention it, so I collected some information and emailed it to him. And voila, today he has a column. Now, he does a much better job of explaining the book and its relevance than I could, so I'll just ask you to click over to it. This post is more of an ego boost and a pat on the back for the little people like me who answer the phones in the middle of the night and talk to loony women who are worried about race-relations without calling them racist idiots, which is the initial inclination. No, this is purely and simply about me and how influential I am, an not at all about the dark history that America suffered through when people might have thought it impolite to bring up how horribly a whole group of people were treated. Lest "they" get the idea nothing had changed after Emancipation, or something.


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