Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some thoughts on HRC in '08

I keep seeing that Hillary Clinton's poll numbers are doing well and that she is the presumed front-runner in 2008. I even noticed it at the top of the Washington Whispers column in US&WR this weekend, that she and Kerry both believe that the nomination is in the bag. But I'm thinking that this might be leading to some overconfidence amongst the rank-and-file that our most polarizing political figure may be OK to run. Speaking purely on strategy, some have said that if the Republicans had any dirt on HRC, they would be sliming her right now because they can't resist. They're not all stupid. In fact, the strategists seem to be very cunning. Besides, I remember reading an Atlantic Monthly article on the evolution of oppo research in political campaigns this summer, and the Republican guy had boxes full of material on HRC because they keep expecting her to run and they keep digging up old quotes and news stories and such. So thinking that we are in the clear is a big mistake. The Republicans will use whatever they have whenever it is most advantageous for them. On the purely personal level, I prefer not to have HRC run at all. I don't want anotehr Clinton in the White House, I think it was really bad for the party the way we were so reliant on Bill, and it could happen again. Besides, I'm more amenable to Russ Feingold running in '08. I'd like to get involved early in that campaign.


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