Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The State of the Union

Here we go 7:57: Lots of applauding so far 8:00: The man of the hour (or two) 8:00: Settle down class 8:01: From where I am, Laura didn't look to enthusiastic in her clapping. Someone should alert the Secret Service 8:02: Wow, right off the bat with the economy. Did he just say "prostituted" corporate criminals? 8:11: "Cut the deficit in hald by 2009", now that'll be a neat trick 8:12: "Do you people really need to go the doctor? Cuz I'm cutting your Medicaid" Imagine a really bad Bush impersonation with that. 8:13: I thought I just saw a smirk. Take a drink. 8:14: The sound of the one aisle clapping 8:18: Got sidetracked with basketball 8:20: Somehow? We call it the Trust Fund, Mr. President. And he just told a big fib "In 2042 the entire system will be bankrupt." No, no, no, sir. The trust fund won't have any money, but the system will be far from bankrupt. 8:24: I was hoping he was going to slip and say "private accounts", Oh well. So benefit cuts aren't off the table, I'm sure everyone will like that. 8:25: With all those government guidelines, you'd think that maybe you didn't own these "Personal" accounts. 8:29: Mrs. Christopher Reeve looked really pissed to me. 8:31: A three-year initiative to keep people out of gangs? 8:33: DNA evidence, too? I think they were just trying to find stuff to artificially inflate the speech. He's already out of ideas. 8:36: He's got some cajones. He actually said "weapons of mass destruction" in another SOTU 8:37: He said "nukular" take a drink, bitches 8:40: "Because democracies respect their citizens and their neightbors..." except Mexico. Mexico is our bitch. 8:42: At least he's not being too objectionable. He's all for a two-state solution to Israel-Palestine conflict. 8:44: Spoke too soon. He's on about Syria now. This seems really familiar. 8:45: "We're fighting terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here." Unless the get on a plane, but they would never think of that. 8:50: He is dwelling on Iraq more than I thought he would. I'm happy that the Iraqis got to vote. I'm sad that we've spent $240 billion dollars, and had 1,400 American GIs killed to do it. And the thousands of dead Iraqi civilians. And whoever died from Poland; we can't forget about Poland. 8:54: I think he's winding down now. He's talking about the troops. 8:56: WTF? 9:01: That last bit sounded more like Gerson. By the way, I'm sure FDR is now rolling over in his grave. More after a short break.


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