Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Way to go Congressman Edwards

My home district's congressman, Chet Edwards, has been given a new position as the ranking member of the subcommittee on military life. This is great because he is in the midst of fighting a battle to keep the Waco VA hospital open. It's also great because

In addition to the subcommittee on military life, Edwards will join the subcommittee ohomeland security and continue his work on the subcommittee on water and energy. He's one of only two House Democrats serving on three subcommittees.

The water and energy subcommittee will consider funding for fuel sources like coal, oil and natural gas. The similar subcommittee Edwards served on in the past only considered funding for renewable energy sources.

The homeland security subcommittee will oversee spending for the Transportation Safety Administration, border control and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, among others.

A Democrat in that kind of position of influence is good news. Now would be as good a time as any to remind you that he has a re-election in less than 2 years and he still has a gerrymandered district to fight in. So hop on over to his site and contribute.


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