Friday, February 25, 2005

What kind of blogger would I be

If I didn't point out two big news stories? One has got to be the Frank Luntz playbook. Read a few passages and you'll really start to feel like you've stepped through the looking glass. DKos has been pushing the story and Think Progress has been dissecting with a number of blog posts. Some highlights.

In his memo on how to manipulate American perception on the economy, right-wing spinmeister Frank Luntz advises conservatives to “resist the temptation’ to use facts and figures about the economy. (You know, all those pesky statistics about lower wages, unemployment, skyrocketing deficits, etc.) Instead, he advises, you can’t go wrong if you continuosly remind people about the terrorist attacks of 9/11. “This is the context that explains and justifies why we have $500 billion deficits, why the stock market tanked, why unemployment climbed to 6%.”
Frank Luntz disgusts me. This kind of thinking is where politics goes wrong and starts being about politics instead of helping people. Reagan was wrong, government isn't the problem, it's a government that listens to people like Luntz that is the problem. And the other big news Jeff Gannon has a blog. Nevermind that we all know that Gannon isn't his real name. I just don't know how this farce is going to continue, but kudos to Guckert for keeping his name in the news and making it easier to keep investigating him and the security leaks at the White House. Shame on him for titling a post "Fear and Loathing..." anything. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson was a doctor of journalism; you're a gay prostitute that plagiarises, not nearly the same thing. AmericaBlog has some thoughts.


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