Sunday, February 27, 2005

What Southern strategy?

Though Howard Dean was elected chairman, and he plans to campaign in all 50 states, we Democrats still haven't quite figured out how in the hell we are going to win the electoral college in 2008. A great number of states are awash in red and we have no idea how we are going to turn them blue. Or do we? From Hullabaloo:

SouthNow: What’s your strategy for Southern progress? Mudcat: We need to quit all this tap dancin’ around the truth....We need to stop tap dancin’ around the issues of guns, gays and God....We’ve lost the white male. We need to get ‘em back. We need to get through the cultural wall. It’s a wall of straw. Inside every rural Republican is a Democrat trying to get out. Saunders, who has worked on the campaigns of Mark Warner, John Edwards, and Bob Graham, thinks that if Democrats ease up on the culture stuff they can win in the South: "We’ve got an affection for big guns and fast cars. It’s a macho thing. I’ve not seen any attempt by the Democrats to get into that culture."
As a soutehrn white male I can tell you its actually a stupidity thing, but that's another post. Mudcat seems to think that if we were to not be so stiff on supporting gay marriage or if we laid off the gun control schtick we might win a few red states in the south. Bullshit. Southern white males are voting for exactly who they want to vote for: Republicans. I'm OK with that, this being a democracy and all. It's time some of us woke and realized that a lot of people don't want what we want. They want extreme right-wing Republicans to represent them. Mudcat may see a Democrat waiting to get out, but some have Nazis inside waiting to get out. We need to recognize this. Do we totally write off the south? Not really. We can build up party operations in red states, especially the southwest and west, and we can work to change the way people think and vote. But that could take a generation or more; that won't help us in 4 years. So we have got to wake up and realize Republicans are not going to vote for us, no matter how moderate or centrist we are. Look around and you won't see many moderate Republicans. That's because these people don't want moderates, they want extremists. Does that mean we have to go full-tilt left to fight them? No. It means we go with whatever way is the right way, not whatever way might get us more votes. Process matters and keeping our integrity can be just as important as winning.


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