Tuesday, February 01, 2005

WTF? I really am in Bizarro World

This bit of Orwellian language control coming from Rick "Man on Dog Action" Santorum is, hmmm

For instance, the GOP has been pushing to move from describing the investment accounts as "private," preferring to use "personal," which they believe is less loaded politically. Similarly, Santorum said Friday he preferred to avoid calling costs associated with the creation of the accounts "transitional," favoring the use of "prepaying." A senior GOP Senate aide acknowledged that both of these semantic changes are part of the party's broader strategy to reframe the Social Security debate
Prepaying? We're going to prepay $10 trillion dollars over 60 years so that we don't have a $3.7 trillion shortfall in the system... which will get worse because private accounts take money out of the system. These guys have to be fucking kidding me. This is just some wacky dream, isn't it?


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