Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ahead of the curve

Today's Statesman story was on the debate that was going to happen today, not on the debate from yesterday. I think this graf sums up exactly what is wrong with the leadership in this state.

In a surprise move, Gov. Rick Perry warned publicly that a defeat of the tax plan, House Bill 3, would prompt a special legislative session, a message he acknowledged was intended to "keep the process moving" by securing House approval of a plan, any plan.
Because, obviously at a time like this, you don't care if your multi-billion dollar plan to refinance schools works, just that you have one. Can somebody please kick this yahoo out of office. The Trib's own Dan Genz has a piece on last night's developments. Wouldn't you know it, one of our local legislators is Jim Dunnam, a Democrat, and the other is Doc Anderson, who didn't want to talk about school financing to a reporter. Hmmm. This has become a total circus. Maybe it was already and I just wasn't paying attention. Is there no hope for the children?


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