Wednesday, March 09, 2005

CHIP funding wishlist

My very own state senator, Kip Averitt, R-McGregor, managed to keep the hope that the enrollment period for the CHIP program could again be raised to one year. The finance committee was set to block it, but Averitt managed to put it onteh Senate Budget Wishlist, meaning that if the money comes along later it might happen. The prospect is dim, but still alive. All this of course, is because of Chet Edwards. One of hte many things that helped Edwards survive was that he was running against Arlene Wohlgemuth, who instigated the cuts during hte budget crisis 2 years ago. He was able to bludgeon her over the head with cutting children's health insurance and losing the state money while doing it, and all she could come back with were the usual Republican claims of "tax and spend liberal" and "I got my picture taken with the president." Averitt saw the writing on the wall and people in his district were already pissed at him for not stopping redistricting when he was put on the judicial committee that was holding town halls across Texas. His response was something along the lines of "I know you don't want to spend millions to redistrict, but it's going to happen anyway and I will try not completely destroy your congressional district." That didn't happen, and Edwards still managed to survive, though Fort Hood was removed and he had to run to represent Burleson as well as College Station and Waco. Now Kip is doing all he can to restore CHIP funding to pre-2002 levels so that he can be the hero again. It's sad, but let him think whatever he wants, as long as funding gets restored and little kids get their health insurance. I do plan on campaigning hard for whatever Democrat decides to run against him, though. Many thanks to Dan Genz, staff writer at the Waco Tribune-Herald, for telling me about this, though I couldn't pay him for the info because I'm a cheap bastard.


At 8:31 PM, Blogger MajorDad said...

If I'm irresponsible enough to live beyond my means...will the government come out and help subsidize my stupidity?

In the same vein, if I'm irresponsible to procreate beyond my ability to support, why should the government intervene here?

Irresponsibility is irresponsibility.

People that bring children into the world when they have a hard enough time making ends meet just by themselves...ah, never mind.

I could go on forever.

See you on the high ground.



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