Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Chris Bell weighs in

In a follow-up to their earlier story, Raw Story has comments from former Congressman Chris Bell who was forced out of the House because of re-redistricting by Tom DeLay. He also filed ethics complaints against the Majority Leader this November after the elections which resulted in two rebukes to DeLay for his ethics violations. Bell says “I can’t say I’m terribly surprised.” He continues to call for an investigation into DeLay's activities.

“Such an investigation would reveal other matters that probably had not come to light such as this,” Bell said. “My feeling for quite some time has been that Tom DeLay is individual who is willing to thumb his nose at rules and the law to get what he wants. This is just another example of that kind of conduct.”
Well, if he has one thing going for him in the gubernatorial race, he is definitely against unethical behavior.


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