Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I finally get some sleep

I slept for a good 6 hours last night. That's the longest I've slept in a while. I've been too busy with too many things going on at different times of the day to be able to sleep all night or all day. So I've been getting it in increments of 2-4 hours every day. I finally sort of crashed last night. I was so tired at work that I literally started to doze off while typing and getting some strange results. I didn't think jkay fauyaoiyh; ihjahf were words until I saw them on my screen while I was typing up baseball linescores. So I went home and slept. Then I spent all day watching the 6 hours of TV that I recorded from last night. Hence the no blogging until now. But I'm totally rested and ready to go another 4 or 5 days without sleeping before crashing and getting up and going to Austin. Some programming notes: I'm working on my press ID badge Thursday. It's going to be too cute, withthe picture from the right. JJ's mom is a whiz with this sort of thing, so she's helping me out. I'm also getting one of the new G4 laptops for this gig. It's going to be super sweet, with a WiFi connection and killer laptop, I'm just going to have to liveblog. And Space Monkey's birthday is Thursday, so we'll be doing a pizza and beer movie night. That means no blogging then, unless I get drunk and use his computer. I'm also soliciting advice from readers. I've been made painfully aware that I do in fact need a laptop, so I'm wondering what you guys think of Dell's laptops. I'm on a shoestring budget, but I definitely need one, so tell me what you recommend.


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