Friday, March 04, 2005

I get a press release

With all the press releases and stuff, you'd think I was a journalist or something (Oh wait...). From Congressman Chet Edwards' office, via e-mail

Edwards Secures $30 Million For District 17 Road Projects in Transportation Reauthorization Bill

( WASHINGTON , DC ) - U.S. Representative Chet Edwards announced that legislation that would provide $284 billion in federal highway, transit and road safety projects through 2009 was overwhelmingly approved by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Wednesday. The bill contains $30 million added by Edwards for highway and road improvements in District 17.

"I appreciate Transportation Committee ranking member Jim Oberstar supporting me in my requests for our district transportation projects," said Edwards. "These transportation projects are crucial for the safety of our citizens, continued economic growth, and easing congestion" said Edwards, a member of the House Appropriations Committee. "Transportation projects create jobs today through construction and they create jobs tomorrow because transportation infrastructure attracts new business to the region."

"I have fought and will continue to fight to ensure funds are made available for these important projects in District 17," said Edwards. "Better highways and roadways not only connect us safely to the places we need to go, they also contribute to an overall improvement in the quality of our lives."

The bill will go to the House floor next week for passage before heading to the Senate. The annual 2006 Transportation bill, a separate measure, is scheduled to pass later this year.

Sounds good to me; of course, I live in District 17 and I'm tired of shitty roads full of potholes.


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