Sunday, March 06, 2005


I just read a really cool Nellie Blog Q&A with Ana Marie Cox over at the Austin Chronicle. Some really good insights (and a hot photo. Grrrr, baby) into how she views blogging. For example.

AC: How about the recent scandal of Jeff Gannon, the supposed gay prostitute-cum-fake journalist. Do you think something good will come of that? A prostitution ring in the White House? AMC: Right, Karl Rove, political genius of the century, is going to be caught running a prostitution ring. I don't think so. Actually, I'm for Jeff Gannon. I think bloggers should be for having bloggers ask questions of the president. Isn't that what we are for? More legitimacy for weblogging?
She's right that we want more legitimacy for bloggers. She's wrong to suppose that Guckert helps us do that. For one thing, he wasn't a blogger (I'll go as far as saying he kinda is now). I'd also point out that he got paid to shill for GOPUSA and the Republicans, and the kind of jackass questions he asked don't make us look very good. Guckert takes any legitimacy away, so it was a good thing to investigate him and prove he was a phony. But we get to see how Wonkette thinks, if only briefly. That said, we may get a better chance as Evan Smith, editor at the Texas Monthly interviews her next Monday.
Texas Monthly Editor Evan Smith will conduct SXSW Interactive's keynote interview with Ana Marie Cox at 2pm, Monday, March 14, room 17AB of the Austin Convention Center. For more information, see
I'll be there!


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